NPL 2021 Squad


1. James Delianov 46. Joe Gauci 40. Ethan Cox 50. Steven Hall



42. Fergus Lynch 43. Alexandar Popovic 45. Noah McNamara 52. Adam Leombruno
54. Joseph Marcheda 55. Giuseppe Bovalina 56. Kane Vidmar 62. Kikianis Panagiotis
63. Jean Paul Mbembe



6. Louis D'Arrigo 27. Josh Cavallo 37. Jonny Yull 45. Arbi Mollas
47. Nicholas Pedicini 49. Keshav Shrestha 55. Ethan Alagich



14. Domenic Costanzo 17. Mohamed Toure 19. Yaya Dukuly 29. Kusini Yengi
35. Al Hassan Toure 51. Binyam Kebede 57. Panashe Madanha 61. Callum Campbell
64. Luka Jovanovic 65. Musa Toure 66. Nestor Irankunda

How to watch

If you can't be at matches in person, all the NPL and WNPL South Australia competitions will be broadcast free, live and on-demand, showcasing all the thrilling talent, goals and drama from the local game in a more accessible way than ever before, via the NPL.TV mobile app.

The NPL.TV app is available for iOS and Android devices and enables TV connectivity through Apple TV and Chromecast.

The NPL.TV platform was launched in 2020, with Football New South Wales and Football Queensland providing fans with more than 1,000 matches in its inaugural season.


In which countries are the videos available?

All the live streams and on-demand videos are available worldwide.

Can I watch the videos for free?

Australian Viewers:

Live streams and on demand videos are available in 720p HD quality for free after registration. If you wish to watch the videos in 1080p FullHD quality, you can choose from our premium subscriptions.

International Viewers:

You can choose between flexible monthly and yearly subscriptions with automatic renewal or one-time payment that gives you 24-hour access to NPL.TV. After registering, click on "Watch now" button placed under the Player to choose from all available options or visit "Go Premium" page to choose from our flexible subscriptions.

I want to upgrade to premium subscription and watch the videos in FullHD. How shall I proceed?

Please write to NPL.TV a short message choosing "Refund & Cancellation requests" in the contact form above. Our 24/7 support will help you cancel your current subscription so you can upgrade it and go premium.