Round 3 Matchday Info - #ADLvMVC

Coming to the game on Friday night? Well, here is everything you could possibly need to know about getting to and from Adelaide Oval! 

All full season members have access to this match, however 3 game and 8 game flexi memberships DO NOT give access to this game and are only valid for matches at Coopers Stadium (the 3 game and 8 game membership cards will not scan at the gate at Adelaide Oval). All membership cards have been posted. If you have not received your card, please print the electronic ticket sent via email and bring to the game. If you have not received an email with your electronic ticket, or if you are having trouble printing the ticket, please proceed to the Membership Marquee located in front of the Southern Entrance on the Telstra Plaza. For anyone that purchases a membership from today, you will need to collect a ticket from the Membership Marquee. The marquee will be operational from 5pm so we advise you get there as early as possible to minimise any delays.

There are 3 merchandise outlets at the venue. Inside the Eastern Entrance, inside the Southern Entrance and outside the Southern Entrance on the Telstra Plaza. The merchandise outlet on the Telstra Plaza will be operational from 5pm. Once again, we advise you get there as early as possible to minimise any delays.

Spectator Code of Behaviour
All fans must adhere to the FFA Spectator Code of Behaviour and Terms of Admission. We encourage all fans to enjoy the match and create lots of noise and atmosphere, but we ask that it is done in a respectful and appropriate manner. Any bad language or inappropriate behaviour will result in possible eviction and further banning of matches.

Adelaide Oval is committed to providing patrons with a safe and enjoyable environment.  Please remember the following five key points ahead of your visit on Friday night: 

1. Arrive early
Increased security measures will have an impact on the time taken to admit patrons to the stadium. Please allow an extra 20 minutes and don’t leave your arrival until the last minute.

2. Be patient
Security inspections take time, so please understand it will likely take a little longer to move people into the stadium.

3. Limit the number of bags you bring
Each bag has to be inspected, so the more you bring the longer it will take. Please prepare your bags for inspection by our staff.

4. Co-operate with staff at all times
Our security and event staff are doing an important job, so please help them by co-operating at all times.

5. Be our eyes and ears
If you see something you think is suspicious, immediately inform one of our staff or police.

Card Only
In an effort to increase the speed of service and adapt to the consumer trend of increased use of ‘tap and go’ payment facilities, the majority of Adelaide Oval food and beverage outlets now only accept payment by card. All credit and debit cards are accepted and all are exempt of surcharges. Patrons that wish to use cash can do so at some outlets or alternatively exchange their cash for a complimentary ‘Cash Card’ at Card Exchange booths located around the stadium.

Public Transport:
Regular Adelaide Metro services will be in operation - free travel from 4:00pm on the day for valid ticket holders. For timetables and routes please visit

Please note the Outer Harbor/Grange lines will be closed for this event. Substitute bus services will run in lieu of the train services, with sufficient services in place to cater for patrons travelling to and from the event.