Meet our 2016/17 Members - Mark Iona

With Adelaide United Memberships for the 2016/17 season now on sale, we’re highlighting some of the first Reds fans to sign up!

When did you start supporting the Reds and which membership have your purchased this season?
I started supporting Adelaide United the moment I heard they came into existence. The day season tickets were available for that NSL season I was at the ticket outlet the minute they opened. Why? After years of seeing the sport divided this was the chance to unite Adelaide and take the game to a new level.

For the coming season I have a gold family package. My son is mad about the Reds and football in general and now wants to go to every game. (On a side note, the second children’s ticket in the package will be used by friends and family, but because every ticket needs a name, the ticket technically belongs to our cat, Cobby. He is pictured below. I fully accept this probably makes me a bit nuts).

A lot of fans are dedicated, but how many can say one of their Adelaide United Memberships belong to their beloved pet? Mark Iona can!

What made you fall in love with the club and what made you become a member?
I fell in love with the club at the very first game. To see a packed Hindmarsh Stadium, a passionate team and supporters, and a victory to top it off, my dreams had come true. I became a member to be more part of the club than just a casual spectator. The club saved the sport in Adelaide and I wanted to repay that by signing up as a member.

How long have you been a member of AUFC?
I’ve been a member for some years. Season ticket holder in the NSL season, but I lived in Sydney in 2005 so couldn't attend home games. I did go to our first A-League game in Newcastle. After that I have been a non-ticketed member as I couldn’t get to all games but from next season we will have season tickets again.

A lot of fans are dedicated, but how many can say one of their Adelaide United Memberships belong to their beloved pet? Mark Iona can!

What is your favourite memory from a Reds match?
My favourite memory... there's been plenty, but the most memorable is easy... that moment that Pablo scored in the Grand Final, because in that moment the ups and downs, the times we almost won silverware, the tag of being good but never quite good enough, all got blown away. In that moment we knew we were the Champions. 11 years of hope turned into reality, and with 50,000 fans going bananas it was a moment that can never be forgotten.

If you could say anything to a Reds fan who is thinking of becoming a member, but hasn't yet, what would you say?
What would I say to a person thinking about becoming a member? DO IT! You won't regret it. You'll feel part of the Club and part of the journey. And priority Finals tickets for members are pretty handy too.

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