Cassio facing at least two months on sidelines

Adelaide United FC is conceding the fact that Brazilian star Cassio is going to be sidelined for at least two months due to an injured tendon in his left foot.

Adelaide United FC is conceding the fact that Brazilian star Cassio is going to be sidelined for at least two months due to an injured tendon in his left foot.

At this stage the club cannot put a definitive time frame on how long Cassio faces off the field, with the 31 year old weighing up his options of treatment after consulting with numerous doctors and specialists.

A number of the medical experts who have viewed Cassio-s MRI scans believe he has torn the tendon, while others are of the opinion it is a rupture. Cassio and the club have a number of medical options available, including respected surgeons both in Australia and internationally.

If it is discovered that the tendon is ruptured, it will require surgical intervention, whereas a torn tendon would require specific rehabilitation.

The injury occurred in a seemingly innocuous incident when Cassio-s foot rolled outwards awkwardly as he went to pick up a ball in the first half of last Saturday-s game against the Wellington Phoenix in Auckland.

On the prognosis of the injury, the club-s medical staff stated, “Cassio has suffered an unusual tear of a tendon on the outside of his left foot. This can be treated either operatively in the early stages or by conservative measures, such as physiotherapy and general rehabilitation.”

“Reporting of his injury has been delayed as the club explores the various avenues of treatment in conjunction with Cassio and his advisers. The club is keen to have Cassio back on the field as soon as practical.”

“Unfortunately it is impossible to give an estimate of the time he will be out of action until his treatment plans are finalised and his initial response is assessed.”

The club is determined to work closely with Cassio to precisely establish the extent of the injury and assist him in his recovery.

Cassio is keen to go to a Bundesliga club in Germany that has a medical team with experience in dealing with this type of injury, which if the treatment is successful, will enable him to return to the field in under two months.

The club will not force the dual Club Champion into an operation until he has personally exhausted every other opportunity available to him. If and/or when that process shows no improvement, the club will meet with Cassio and explore further the option that he undergoes surgery to repair the tendon, but ultimately the club will allow him to decide on the treatment.

Obviously disappointed, Reds Head Coach Rini Coolen is coming to terms with not having one of, if not the best, left back in the Hyundai A-League at his disposal.

“I was surprised the moment it happened because I knew he had a bruise on his foot. The day before (the game against Wellington it was no problem, he had a fantastic feeling and then (during the game) there was no contact and he rolled his foot and felt pain on the other side of his foot,” Coolen said.

“We were very disappointed to lose him in that game but it-s more that we-re definitely not happy to lose him now for a longer period, that-s a big loss.”