Adelaide United FC Membership – the way forward

Adelaide United FC has recognised the support of the club's Season Ticket holders by providing them with Honorary Adelaide United Membership.

We are delighted that so many supporters have elected to become inaugural financial members in a new era for the Club. Stating the obvious, to become a truly membership based entity, we have to attract members and abide by the Club's Constitution which includes the Objects and Purposes of the Association, AGMs and Member Voting details. It is a natural progression from being a supporter to gain a sense of ownership of the Club you support.

For all of you who are Season Ticket holders, we would like to recognise your support and provide you with an Honorary Adelaide United Membership. This category recognises you as being part of the Club and is one from which you can upgrade to that of a Financial member with voting rights should you chose to do so. Membership is a matter of choice. So you may be thinking, what is the difference?

Financial Members

  • Join Adelaide United-s Members Club Inc by the payment of a subscription for membership between July 1 and June 30 of any year
  • Receive an exclusive membership badge as well as special member offers and invitations to member only functions
  • Receive the Annual Report and AGM meeting attendance
  • Voting rights for Committee Elections Honorary Member - Season Ticket Holder
  • Special category of membership recognising support of the Club
  • No fees
  • Receive members offers

    The Choices

  • Supporters can be just that and attend games that they choose.
  • Purchase a Season Ticket Holder, enjoy the Football and be an Honorary Member.
  • Simply become a financial member.
  • Become a financial member and either purchase a season ticket or tickets to the matches you wish to attend.

    We value all levels of support and respect everyone's right to select the package they wish. Please be aware that we are committed to a membership based Club and as such will continue to encourage supporters to take up Club membership.

    It is a new concept for the Club, but a common one world wide, and will be part of all Membership & Ticketing packages going forward. Click here to find out more about becoming an Adelaide United member.