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Current Vacancies

There are currently no vacancies.



Adelaide United takes a number of volunteers on at the start of the season to assist with the upcoming seasons. This includes helping with the running of both A-League and W-League matches. Adelaide United respects and appreciates all of its volunteers, as the club cannot do without them and is highly committed to ensuring they are valued.

*If you would like to volunteer on match day or at head office, please send your CV including your area(s) of interest here.

University Internships

Prior to the season commencing in October, Adelaide United provides a small amount of university students the opportunity to complete internships with the club over the course of the A-League and W-League season.

Applications are currently closed.

Adelaide United does closely support Torrens University Students, please contact the University for more details.

Work Experience

Adelaide United receive an overwhelming amount of work experience requests from enthusiastic students wishing to undertake work experience with us. At this stage we do not have a high school work experience program and we are unable to provide work experience placements to high school students.

Research Project, School and University Assignments

Unfortunately we are unable to provide assistance for research projects, school and university assignments to interviews with staff, players, coaches etc. This is due to the high volume of requests we receive to complete surveys and questionaries and not having the resources to reply to everyone. And it would be unfair to reply to some and not to others.